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I've finally got around to it, making a little web page about my team -- The Philadelphia Eagles. As you all know I'm passionate about the Eagles, until I can talk my mom into buying me a real website, you guys have to deal with the ads and the popups. I'm gonna try to add a chatroom.
As you all know this site is dedicated to the Eagles, so this is the only topic that will be discussed here besides the other NFL news. So .. if you don't like it .. leave.
I have been a Philadelphia Eagles fan ever since Cunningham was quarterback, I hardly knew anything about the NFL ..but they were my team. The past three years the Eagles have made it to the NFC Championship game, but lost all three of them -- there are legitimate reasons why, but until I get my real website you will have to deal with the quick facts, and later on you'll get the full story.
We got Terrell Owens this season from Frisco, and he's been nothing but a God in Philly... he was supposed to get the Eagles over the "NFC Game Mountain" ...well, he's injured and is out until the Super Bowl. Go figure.
The Eagles fan in me says we'll get to the Super Bowl and win it , the realist says we'll get there and lose. T.O. Will be back.

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In this area I might put any late-breaking news, such as last night's score or any injuries or trade rumors.

Trivia Question

To encourage visitors to check back often, in this area I'll put a different trivia question each week or even each day. Here's an example of a trivia question:

Pedro and Ramon Martinez are among a select group of brothers who've pitched for the same team at the same time. How many others in the group can you name?

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If you don't like the Eagles, fuck you.